Robbin Gheesling of Vineyard Adventures

Your Private Italy Boutique Wineries Amalfi Coast

Embrace your love of wine with Vineyard Adventures where you can tour vineyards and meet the winemakers while exploring the true soul of Italian wine and food in the most breathtaking vineyards, wine shops, and restaurants throughout Italy.  Robbin Gheesling provides carefully selected access to Italy’s unique  regions that reaches well beyond the status quo while celebrating and supporting the craftsmanship of the wine and food producers.

Vineyard adventures motto is a travel guide and consultancy celebrating and supporting the craftsmanship of wine and food producers. Have wine, will travel!

If you love wine and enjoy an up-close experience then, Vineyard Adventures is the tour company for you

Visit to explore vineyards in Campania, Sicily, Tuscany, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and beyond.



I'm the host of the How to Tour Italy radio show. My goal is to bring the best of Italy to you through the show and my website.

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