Explore Venice Beyond St. Mark’s with Context Travel

Context Travel Venice

Monica Vidoni, a Docent for Context Travel and local Venetian, guides us through Venice beyond St. Marks.

We explore the delicious Venetian cuisine, 2 amazing museums, the Venetian Spritz, and the fact the Venice has a longer history than Ancient Rome.

You will fall in love with the most amazing city in the world all over again.

Monica gives us insight into the Venetian Bar Crawl to dine on local fare like soft-shelled crabs and salted cod.  We spend time in Santa Maria Miracoli and Ca Rezzonico, the Venetian market, and the Jewish Ghetto.

So much of Venice is unexplored by travelers and this wonderful segment is filled with tips to bring the best of Venice to life.


I'm the host of the How to Tour Italy radio show. My goal is to bring the best of Italy to you through the show and my website.

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