Why the Accademia of Florence is Awesome Beyond the David with Professor Wallace

The Accademia of Florence

Professor Wallace joins me for a second segment and the second in the How to Tour Italy Museum Series to share his insight on why the Accademia of Florence is awesome for more than the David.

1.  The history of the Accademia as an artists’ academy

2.  The less visited painting gallery loaded with masterpieces.

3.  Michelangelo’s Prisoners giving you a view into the master’s process and how the marble harvesters marked each block so Michelangelo knew exactly which block was his.

4.  Buy your tickets in advance to avoid waiting up to 3+ hours to enter the Accademia (You can buy tickets in Florence the day of your visit at the ticket booth on the exterior of OrsanMichele on Via Arte della Lana and the corner of Via Calzaiouli).  Here is a post with more details for a quick read

5.  How Giambologna changed the art world and the result of his expert work and creation.

6.  The wonderful books by Professor Wallace to learn even more about Michelangelo.

7.  Why the bookstore is a must visit at the Accademia.


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