Cross Pollinate and The Beehive of Rome

Cross-Pollinate is a handlful of people who travel around and find cool places to stay.  We inspect them, review them, and make sure the owners are ok to work with so, so we can be accountable for our recommendtions.  We work almost exclusively with non-hotels – spare rooms, private apartments, small B&Bs – places where you can get a more authentic experience of what it’s like to live in that city.

We are travel experts (with our own hotel, The Beehive, in Rome), who know and love the cities we operate in, know the properties we list, and know their owners. We don’t like searching through thousands of properties and hundreds of reviews.  We prefer to provide a curated list and a qualified, personal recommendation.

I'm the host of the How to Tour Italy radio show. My goal is to bring the best of Italy to you through the show and my website.

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