Margie Miklas – Author, Blogger, Lover of Italy, Amazing Italy Travel Resource

Margie Miklas is a wonderful author and shares her Italy travel experiences in a way that transports you into each moment.

Margie is passionate about her love of Italy with the ability to capture each moment while sharing insightful tips for first-time, or experienced travelers to Italy.

My favorite trait of Ms. Miklas is her beautiful and truthful simplicity about her travels founded in realism while delivering dreamy Italy and the real Italy; Both are wonderful, and through her experienced lens you’ll share in her love and be able to enjoy the little challenges you’ll face as you soak in your own Italy.

Margie’s blog:

Margie’s three books: Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy, My Love Affair with Sicily, and Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast

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