In Situ – Caravaggio at San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome eBook

Caravaggio is a mysterious painter who has created masterpieces that I can stare at for hours.

I love that he was the kind of master that used the poor, whores, and other rabble as models in his paintings.  He killed a man and his death is suspected to be a murder.

What a crazy life he led.  Gracing us with a peek into his soul with everyone one of his fantastic paintings he left it all on the canvas.

This eBook is dedicated to his work at San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome.  It’s not a academic view of his work, but rather a fun explanation of the scenes allowing you to take it all in at one of my favorite stops in Rome.  The best part is these amazing painting are in between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona so there is no reason not to stop in for a visit.

Be sure to be respectful of the church goers during a Mass.  Please do not visit during Mass, but wait until it’s over so not to be considered an ugly tourist.


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