Antico Pozzo Hotel in San Gimignano

San Gimignano of Tuscany doesn’t need any help selling itself.  It is largely one of the most visited towns in all of Italy and for good reason.

My only and best advice regarding San Gimignano is to stay the night and enjoy the small village when the tourist buses have gone and you can experience the nooks and crannies of San Gimignano after the throngs of tourists have left for the day.

When you stay the night in San Gimignano stay at Antico Pozzo for a wonderful evening hosted by the family run boutique hotel.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about the family, the hotel, and San Gimignano.  Be sure to tell the Anthony from How to Tour Italy sent you.

Check out the video on how to drive to the hotel through San Gimignano below.  You can also find written directions by following this link.


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