In Situ – The Raphael Rooms at the Vatican Museums eBook

School of Athens


How generous and kind Heaven sometimes proves to be when it brings together in a single person the boundless riches of its treasures and all those graces and rare gifts that over a period of time are usually divided among many individuals can clearly be seen in the no less excellent than gracious Raphael Sanzio of Urbino.

Giorgio Vasari, The lives of the Artists, 1568

Simply some of the finest frescoes in the world by one of Italy’s most favorite artists.  Room after room will move you to tears.  This simple and fun eBook will allow you to enjoy each masterpiece with an educational description of the work as you make your way through the Raphael Rooms to the Sistine Chapel.

The eBook comes complete with a map of the rooms and a diagram to each of the walls of rooms.


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