In Situ – Sistine Chapel Map, Diagram, and History ebook

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Map

Enjoy this free downloadable guide of the Sistine Chapel including the ceiling and walls to help make your visit even more incredible.  In my handy, colorful, easy to read guide you’ll have a map and diagram of each portion of the chapel including the ceiling, the popes that are included by Michelangelo, the lunettes, the ancestors of Christ, and the walls painted by other masters.

I do highly recommend a guided tour of the Vatican Museums, Raphael Rooms,  and the Sistine Chapel to make the most of your visit.  Tours usually end in the Sistine Chapel so you’ll have time to use my guide.

If you decide to take a tour of the Vatican Museums this is the tour I suggest.  It’s with Context Travel and are, in my humble opinion, the best tour of the Vatican you’ll find.


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