Ischia is Italy’s Last Undiscovered Jewel with

Ischia review

The lure of Ischia is real yet few travelers have experienced it and it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from Naples or the Amalfi Coast.  The best part is it’s much, much cheaper than Capri.  Better yet I can almost guarantee that you’ll be the only one that has visited this beautiful island as you talk about your trip to Italy at your next dinner party.

This wonderful island will capture your soul.  Filled with wonderful food, views, wine, volcanic pools, cheap and elegant hotels, and most importantly amazing locals Ischia will easily be your favorite stop in Italy.

Why is this the first segment I’ve featured this amazing island?  That’s a great question and shame on me.

Dion of Ischia Review joins me to share the secrets of this wonderful place and helps us all understand why after one visit he now calls it his home.  Be sure to visit for a great site dedicated to all things Ischia with unique and fun ways to experience one of Italy’s best kept secrets.


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