J.M. Pasquesi & Rome with Kids

Rome with Kids

Rome with Kids is a blast!   Whether spelunking the dark recesses of excavated church basements or catching the sun-lit spray of a crashing fountain, kids will revel in the glory of Rome and parents can enjoy it without hearing “I’m bored!”

  • insider guides
  • field-tested tours
  • bite-sized stories
  • fun activities
  • compelling treasure hunts
  • handy lists of restaurants and cafes near the sights
  • gorgeous color photos
  • step-by-step walking tours
  • reference maps
  • kid-pleasing activities
  • engaging stories, myths and legends

J.M. is joined by her husband David who stars in Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks.  This segment was recorded at the location of the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Here is a link to the Rome with Kids site and a link to buy her book on Amazon

I'm the host of the How to Tour Italy radio show. My goal is to bring the best of Italy to you through the show and my website.

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