Using Rome’s Public Transportation with Amanda Ruggeri of Revealed Rome

Public Transportation Rome

Amanda Ruggeri of Revealed Rome shares some tips on how to use Rome’s public transportation.

1.  Using the Metro – buying tickets, how getting lost is VERY hard to do, avoiding pickpockets, why there are so many stairs to get to the platform, and prices.

2.  Cabs – hailing a cab, prices, avoiding the scams.  I know cabs aren’t public transportation, but it’s important to talk about them.

3.  Buses – where to buy your tickets, not getting fined, how to enjoy the bus lines to experience more of Rome.

4.  Trams – Getting to the outskirts of Rome, enjoying the ride.

5.  Flat Rate fare from the Airports to Rome’s center in a cab – prices.

6.  A couple of funny stories so you will all learn from our mistakes.



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