Il Palazzone Winery in Montalcino, Tuscany with Laura Gray

Il Palazzone

Imagine yourself strolling among the manicured rows of grape vines bursting with this year’s harvest for the Brunello to be bottled and set to age for 5 years. This is the dream of so many of us and Laura and her husband Marco are living the dream. To be fair there are many others that work hard every single day, year-round to make each lovingly crafted bottle of some of the world’s most delicious and sought after wine, Il Palazzone’s Brunello di Montalcino DOCG.

Join Laura and I as we talk about daily life at the winery and how to arrange a trip to visit Il Palazzone while you’re in Italy. We’ll talk about some great local places to eat or stay while you’re nearby as well as other great day trips near the winery.

You can find their delicious wine today at Italian Wine Merchants and have it shipped directly to your home to enjoy while you listen to the show.

Visit their site to learn more about the team that makes this wonderful wine, the estate, and how to arrange a visit while you’re in Tuscany. Be sure to read their wonderful blog too. Lots of great insight about wine, living in Italy, and they even bust a few myths here and there.

Let’s all tip a glass to Laura and her husband Marco, and of course the owner Mr. Richard Parsons and the rest of the Il Palazzone team for making such a great wine and sharing some other their secrets with us on the show.

These are links to the fantastic hotels and restaurants we discussed on the show in Montalcino.

Giglio Hotel

Suite Artista

The name of the restaurant is Drogheria Franci


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