Bella Baita – an Inn and Cooking School in the Italian Alps with Marla Gulley

Bella Baita

Imagine sitting on a comfortable chair overlooking the Italian Alps as you sip on some delicious wine from Piedmont perfectly paired with cheese, and an array of dishes from the region.  Then, imagine yourself learning to cook all of the glorious food you’re enjoying by two locals.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Join Marla and Fabrizio at their Inn, B&B, and Cooking School in Piedmont near the border of France and you can do just that.

Marla joined me on the show to talk about her Inn and the cuisine of the area and Piedmont that has long made them famous.  I was envious of her during the show because she’s able to eat and drink some of the best food in the world everyday.

When you stay with Marla and Fabrizio they treat you like family and you’ll learn a thing or two about cooking traditional piemontese cuisine.  The wonderful Inn has been in their family for generations.  It’s been there long before there was little more than a dirt path to reach their coveted spot.  Now you can drive to their doors of course, but think about how amazing this place must be that people would walk through the Alps to reach them.

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