A Perfect, Local, Sicilian Food Tour and Experience with Streat Palermo Food Tours

streat palermo

Is there a better way to experience a place than the food?  While in Palermo join Marco Romeo of Streat Palermo Tours to enjoy a 4-hour tour of the famous, and best street food in the world and dine like a local.

You’ll earn a Passoporto del Mangione complete with the name of the food you enjoyed and a stamp after each stop.  You won’t be visiting any 3 language menu restaurants.  You’ll dive in to enjoy the local goodness at the carts and taverns throughout Palermo tasting foods like arancini, panella,or a spleen sandwich.  The tour ends at a great, 100-year-old tavern to enjoy a local wine you can only find in Palermo named Sangue del Siciliano (Sicilian’s Blood).  This wine was created at this very tavern.

Marco is passionate and built his tours around how he likes to experience a place during his travels.  Food, food, food, and more food.  And, yes, you will get to enjoy the famous Canoli of Sicily too.

Check out their website at http://www.streatpalermo.it/en and book your tour today.

Bring your appetite!

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