La Tagliata in Positano is a Must Dine Experience – OMG!

One of the best restaurants in Positano La Tagliata  must be on your itinerary to enjoy.  From start to finish it is pure, simple, home grown, home made, and second to none.

My interview at La Tagliata came after a glorious meal.  I didn’t get any special treatment because I was doing the interview.  I was treated like everyone else and you’ll receive the same service and quality of food that I did…so loosen your belt and prepare for one of the most memorable meals of your life.  The best part is they’ll pick you up from your hotel to take you to dinner and drop you off afterward.  Take them up on this so you can enjoy lots of wine during your meal.

The picture you see is from my interview after lunch.

“From our passion for traditional and wholesome food;La Tagliata was born.

La Tagliata endeavors to satisfy our clients palates with local dishes from Positano using organically grown vegetables cultivated on our own land and free – range meat locally reared from the surrounding area.

Charcoal – grilled meat is our specialty, we take great pride in using produce home grown naturally which gives us the unique flavor and high quality we are known for…

At La Tagliata ,we look forward to you coming to try our traditional dishes and our specialties in a beautiful , panoramic location .

At La Tagliata we believe the values and the flavors of the past still count.”

Check out their website

Remember, they’ll pick you up from your hotel and take you back after dinner

La Tagliata

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