Professor Wallace on Michelangelo – Simply Amazing!

Professor William Wallace

I had the pleasure of speaking to Professor Wallace who is one of the leading scholars in the world on Michelangelo.  He has written over 80 articles, countless books, had a hand in the restoration of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and is called upon to prove or disprove the authenticity of any newly discovered works considered to be by the hand of Michelangelo.

We discuss the life and works of Michelangelo and I do my best to keep up…I’m not sure I did well, but I loved every second of it.

It was my honor and after the interview, I truly felt like I had been to school and had seen the light proving once again that there is so much to learn.

Listen to Professor Wallace on one of the world’s most fascinating artists.

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This is a must listen prior to a visit to Italy to truly experience the art of Michelangelo.


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